All Non-Isolated Products

Ablemail have a range of products that provide currents from 2A to 24A with input and output voltages suitable for a wide range of accessory equipment.  The outputs are available as non-isolated (having a common negative terminal) or as galvanically isolated units suitable for special applications in hazardous areas.  Product options include a secondary supply and alternative connection methods to suit different applications.

DC to DC Converters provide the easy way to connect popular 12V DC equipment such as radio, mobile phones and in-car entertainment systems to 24V vehicle batteries of the type found on many diesel engined boats. Features include:

  • All units are simple to install;
  • Rugged design for arduous operating conditions;
  • Wide range of current and voltage ranges;
  • Outstanding reliability with a life-time guarantee.
Product Type Part Number Input Voltage Output Voltage No Load Input Current Output Load Current Isolation
Battery Chargers AMC24-24-60 24V nominal (20-32V) 24V 4mA @ 24V input 60A Non-isolated
Solar Panel Chargers AMS24-24-30 24V nominal (20-32V) 24V 4mA @24V input 30A Non-isolated
Battery Chargers AMC24-24-30 24V nominal (20-32V) 24V 4mA @ 24V input 30A Non-isolated
DC DC Voltage Converters AMR24-24-15 24V nominal (20-32V) 24V 4mA @ 24V input 12A Non-isolated
Battery Chargers AMC24-24-15 24V nominal (20-32V) 24V 4mA at 24V Input 12A Non-isolated
Smart Relays SVSR24-200 Smart Relay 24V nominal (20-32V) 24V 4mA @ 24V input Non-isolated