Battery to Battery Chargers

These are a range of smart battery to battery chargers(B2B)working on all types of 12 and 24V vehicles,boats,caravans ,canal boats and fixed installations to charge both 12 and 24V auxiliary /leisure batteries. The generic products.pdf gives a detailed explanation of the B2B charger range capabilities while products selector.pdf and mechanical options.pdf can help with the individual model selection.

Euro 5 and Euro 6 requirements have made changes to the way vehicle alternators work and Ablemail Battery Charger Selection Guide.pdf explains some of the changes and how they affect alternator /B2B charger design and selection and are leading to the replacement of the traditional split charge relay in many applications .

The range has been designed with features to work in Euro 5 and 6 compliant vehicles containing Smart Alternator, Stop Start and and are regenerative braking friendly (RGBF) . The multistage charging regime is configured for lead acid, but the cycle can easily be reprogrammed to fit specific batteries or a customer specification. See Ablemail software interface.pdf which explains the settings that can be set as standard. Ablemail technical will happily discuss implementation of settings outside the standard.

The microcontroller and careful charging programme design means that no setup is required in most applications considerably speeding up installation times

The wide input voltage range and the utilisation of up and down buck boost converter technology allow the effects cables losses and voltage drops to be removed from the charging process . This makes the Ablemail chargers suitable for applications where the auxiliary/secondary battery is remote form the charging supply such as HGV trailers , caravans and boats

The 25 A range are designed to deliver 25A continuous and 30A intermittent charging currents. This is commonly regarded as suitable for 250 – 300Ahr batteries but for onerous use this charging capacity could be reduced.

The 12 A range are designed to deliver 12 A continuous and 15A intermittent charging currents. This is commonly regarded as suitable for 100-150Ahr batteries but for onerous use this charging capacity could be reduced.

Temperature.pdf explains some of the limitations on current capacity and installation instructions15A.pdf and Installation instructions 30A.pdf and Installation instructions 60A.pdf detail how to optimise charger performance at installation.

The units have output overload and over temperature protection with a fully automatic reset.

The units can have remote input and output voltage monitoring and remote temperature monitoring of battery temperature to allow further optimisation of the charging cycle.

The units can be configured to switch the charger output on when supply the voltage reaches 13.1 V (engine running) using the Ablemail software interface.pdf .

The units are assembled in an aluminium extruded case.and needs no fans to work reliably operation in harsh vehicle environments and areas of high ambient temperatures.

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Product Type Part Number Input Voltage Output Voltage No Load Input Current Output Load Current Isolation
Battery Chargers AMC12-12-15 12V nominal (10-15V) 12V 2mA @ 12v input 15A Non-isolated
Battery Chargers AMC12-12-30 12V nominal (10-15V) 12V 2mA @ 12v input 30A Non-isolated
Battery Chargers AMC12-12-60 12V nominal (10-15V) 12V 2mA @12V Input 60A Non-isolated
Battery Chargers AMC12-24-15 12V nominal (10-15V) 24V 4mA @ 24V input 12A Non-isolated
Battery Chargers AMC12-24-30 12V nominal (10-15V) 24V 2mA @ 12v input 30A Non-isolated
Battery Chargers AMC12-24-60 12V nominal (10-15V) 24V 2mA @12V Input 30A Non-isolated