Custom Services

As well as the products detailed on the products pages Ablemail also offer a bespoke design service for OEM's and large distributors .  Unique customised converters ,chargers and relay products can be designed for manufacture in our VCA approved manufacturing facility . Ablemail can manage all aspects of the development including hardware ,software creation , gaining VCA design approval and support document creation . For more information on these service please call or email our sales team.

Custom Design

The electronic and mechanical dc-dc converter designs are produced to meet specific customer requests by our highly experienced design team. The specification is agreed with the customer and then the completed design rigorously tested to ensure the reliability and suitability for use of the design.

We also offer the option to customize the colour of the casing.

Custom Voltage Convertor

Ablemail dc dc converters provide an easy way to supply DC equipment in the range 3 -30V such as radios, mobile phones, in car entertainment systems and computers from a range of dc supplies also in the range of 3 -30V. Features included are:

  • All units are simple to install;
  • Rugged design for arduous operating conditions;
  • Wide range of current and voltage ranges;
  • Outstanding reliability with a life-time guarantee.

Ablemail have a range of products that provide currents from 2A to 24A with input and output voltages suitable for a wide range of accessory equipment.  The outputs are available as non-isolated (having a common negative terminal) or as galvanically isolated units suitable for special applications in hazardous areas.  Product options include a secondary supply and alternative connection methods to suit different applications.

The latest converters are highly stable, regulated, up and down converters which contain a microcomputer. These converters are ideally suited to battery charging and special programmes have been developed for Stop /Start, Regenerative Braking systems and Smart Alternator as used in the latest Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines. This makes the chargers work with VW Blue Motion Vehicles ,Ford ECOnetic vehicles, Mercedes Benz Blue Efficiency Sprinters and Vauxhall ecoFlex vehicles.

The capabilities of these new converters are also ideally suited to the charging of almost all battery types including the latest Lithium iron.

Ablemail has many bespoke products in production that interface with the chargers and converters to provide a fully integrated power management system. But if you cannot see a product for power management please contact technical support for more information on our support product.

Ablemail products are all designed in the UK and all manufacturing is carried out in our VCA approved and ISO9001 accredited Manchester facility

A range of products to charge auxiliary/leisure batteries from the sun have recently been added to the range and these are excellent for maintaining charged secondary batteries in caravans and motorhomes which are not used on a daily basis .