Split Charge and Smart Relays

Various Split Charge and Smart Relays  

The Smart Voltage Sensing Relay (SVSR) and the programmable Automotive Relay Panel (APR) are a range of software controlled relays which are easily programmed for a variety of applications including Battery Guard , Load Disconnect and Relay control . These relays provide an easy way to supply DC equipment in the range 3 -30V such as radios ,mobile phones ,in car entertainment systems ,fans heaters and computers.

The Smart Voltage Sensing Relays are programmable 200A continuous 1500A intermittent rated load switches which can be operated for Battery Guard , Load Disconnect ,Lithium Charging and many other high current switching applications . The units draw less than 4mA in standby mode and as the relays are latching there is negligible battery drain whether the relays are open or closed . This is very important for maximising the standby time of the vehicle battery.

The units are supplied with standard settings but the Ablemail Software Interface (ASI) allows adjustment of the switching voltage thresholds ,timed relay on and off delays ,load disconnect voltage thresholds and the creation of bespoke customer operating programmes .

The Ablemail Software Interface uses a serial port built into every relay and this port can also be used for controlling or being controlled by other Ablemail Electronics products. This is useful in sophisticated Power Management Systems where multiple systems have to interact in real time . It is also used for interfacing with Lithium battery management and charging systems.

A Range Extender Interface can be used to convert the relays into temperature controlled or current controlled relays .The Range Extender Interface has an optional RS485 interface for use in electrically noisy environments or where parts are separated by more than 2-3m.

The latest Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines have smart alternator and regenerative braking functions which the SVSR and APR relays can monitor and take account of in their operation .

There are a variety of mechanical arrangements including an IP66 variant of the APR range .

The products are very flexible and so please contact Ablemail Technical to discuss the various standard configurations or any particular requirements .

Product Type Part Number Input Voltage No Load Input Current Isolation
Smart Relays APR12-2-40B Smart Relay 12V nominal (10-15V) 2mA @ 12v input Non-isolated
Smart Relays APR12-2-40S Smart Relay 12V nominal (10-15V) 2mA @ 12v input Non-isolated
Smart Relays APR24-2-40B Smart Relay 24V nominal (20-32V) 4mA @ 24V input Non-isolated
Smart Relays APR24-2-40S Smart Relay 24V nominal (20-32V) 4mA @ 24V input Non-isolated