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Ablemail Electronics AMC12-12-30 battery charger production enhanced

As the AMC12-12-30 continues to charge the secondary batteries in Smart alternator Euro 5 and 6 compliant vehicles,  vehicles fitted with regenerative braking , boats and many other applications it has been necessary to enhance our production and test facilities . We have introduced an automatic cut and strip line for heavy duty 6mm2 cables . The Eubanks cut and strip has a cable pre feed and post cut pan coiler all of which helps to keep assembly times down and quality levels up .

We have also completed the automation of the test and programming of the AMC 12-12-30 . As a high power micro-controlled product it needs a reliable sophisticated test system to ensure all products are shipped to the same standards . We have produced a GPIB and DMX controlled test bench which automatically tests every power supply charger and loads the correct customer programme into each production while keeping a serialised test record.

These enhancements to our production facility are helping to ensure these British made products continue to be manufactured in our Manchester assembly facility while so many competitor products are produced abroad .

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