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24V to 12V

24V to 12V

Product Name
Part Number
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
No Load Input Current
Output Load Current
AMS24-12-30 AMS24-12-30 24V nominal (20-32V) 12V 4mA @ 24V input 30A Non-isolated
AMN24-12-6 AMN24-12-6 24V nominal (20-32V) 12V 130mA typical None Isolated
AMN24-12-6AUX AMN24-12-6AUX 24V nominal (20-32V) 12V 90mA typical 6A Isolated
AMI24-12-12 AMI24-12-12 24V nominal (20-32V) 12V 60mA typical 12A Isolated
AMI24-12-24 AMI24-12-24 24V nominal (20-32V) 12V 70mA typical 24A Isolated
AMI24-12-5AUX AMI24-12-5AUX 24V nominal (20-32V) 12V 30mA typical 5A Isolated
AMI24-12-5 AMI24-12-5 24V nominal (20-32V) 12V 90mA Maximum 5A Isolated
AMI24-12-5P AMI24-12-5P 24V nominal (20-32V) 12V 80mA typical None Isolated
AMI24-12-12AUX AMI24-12-12AUX 24V nominal (20-32V) 12V 60mA typical. 12A Isolated
AMI24-12-12P AMI24-12-12P 24V nominal (20-32V) 12V 60mA typical. None Isolated
AMI24-12-24AUX AMI24-12-24AUX 24V nominal (20-32V) 24V 60mA typical. None Isolated
AML24-12-2AUX AML24-12-2AUX 24V nominal (20-32V) 12V 30mA typical. 2A Non-isolated
AMC24-12-60 AMC24-12-60 24V nominal (20-32V) 12V 4mA @ 24V input 60A Non-isolated
AMC24-12-30 AMC24-12-30 24V nominal (20-32V) 12V 4mA @ 24V input 24A Non-isolated