Ablemail Electronics Product Development

2017 is going to be a busy year for our development department . The department has just finished development of our 15A and 30A smart power supplies which are finding applications in many 12 and 24V vehicles as power supplies and battery chargers (B2B) . The Smart Relay products for power management are in production and now it is time to look at the peripherals to attach to these products .We are developing a battery fuel gauge which will provide voltage ,current and temperature information in the cab . The gauge will also allow the setting of charging parameters without the need for a computer and programming lead . The fule gauge is based on the arduino chipset and it is proving very adept at interfacing to our standard 8051 microcontroller and its' developed code .The standard arduino libraries should speed up development of the standard product and be particuarly useful in allowing others to produce their own bespoke/persnalised products.An exciting opportunity is the use of mobile phones and the internet to monitor and control and configure our chargers and power management products . We are excited by the possiblities for this product and expect early prototypes in the last quarter of 2017 . If you have any ideas or requirements for this product don't hesitate to talk to us about them as we may be able to incorporate them in our developments .  For More information ..... Call +44 (0)161 745 7697 or Email