Welcome to Ablemail Electronics

Voltage Converter

Ablemail Electronics is a UK based electronics manufacturer specializing in the design and production of DC DC power converters. After an enviable track record spanning 30 years it was bought by Merlyn Electronics Ltd in February 2009.

Now under the Merlyn Group umbrella it combines with its parent to offer over 50 years experience of delivering high quality, high performance products to customers in the UK, Europe, North America and the Far East.

Other major benefits that new and existing customers will gain from this re-positioning include:

  • Modern state of the art factory in Manchester, England;
  • ISO9000 production and quality standards;
  • In house design and development experts;
  • Experienced electronics and engineering support;
  • Full prototyping and test facilities available;
  • Projects undertaken to short lead times if required;
  • Professional and intelligent customer services;
  • Cost effective solutions for distributors and OEMs.

To contact us with your sales inquiry please call +44 (0)161 745 7697 or email: info@ablemail.co.uk