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Ablemail Device Manager

This is an app which allows an Android or Apple device to communicate through Bluetooth with a range of Automotive Battery charging devices (Active battery chargers, passive battery chargers and status display devices). These Automotive Battery charging devices use a ABB07 Bluetooth adaptor to allow interrogation of the host device. Communicate through Bluetooth with a […]

EURO 5 and EURO 6 battery charger selection and smart alternator operation explanation

Hands holding a PDF

Euro 5 and Euro 6 requirements have made changes to the way vehicle alternators work and the Ablemail Battery Charger Selection Guide.pdf explains some of the changes and how they affect alternator /B2B charger design and selection and are leading to the replacement of the traditional split charge relay in many applications . Hopefully this explains some […]

Ablemail Electronics AMC12-12-30 battery charger production enhanced

AMC12-12-30E Image

As the AMC12-12-30 continues to charge the secondary batteries in Smart alternator Euro 5 and 6 compliant vehicles,  vehicles fitted with regenerative braking , boats and many other applications it has been necessary to enhance our production and test facilities . We have introduced an automatic cut and strip line for heavy duty 6mm2 cables […]

Ablemail Electronics Product Development

bluetooth battery status monitor unit

Ablemail Electronics takes yet another pioneering step towards maximising battery performance for its customers – once again bringing them the benefits of cutting edge technology. By keeping track of the battery charger the primary battery and the secondary battery’s health, the easy-to-use Ablemail Battery Manager Smart Phone App (BattMan) & hardware will make life easier […]