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The unit is assembled in an aluminium extruded case which can be filled with resin for operation in particularly harsh environments.  It can be supplied with a variety of connection options see the Ablemail Mechanical Options. This product is part of a large range & if this product specifcation does not meet your requirement please contact our technical department to see if we can meet your exact needs.

This AMC12 charger works on vehicles with a 12V electrical system to charge nominal  24V battery packs.   The AMC charger works with Ignition control, Constant Voltage Alternators, Euro 5 & 6 engines, STOP/START, Smart Alternator charging systems & Vehicles with Regenerative Braking, ( Mercedes Benz Blue Efficiency Vehicles, VW Blue Motion Vehicles, Ford ECOnetic vehicles, Vauxhall ecoFlex vehicles to name a few).  The unit delivers 30A charging currents to charge upto to 300Ahr battery packs .  

The unit operates with from 9-30V and so works with long cable runs and large swings in input voltages .The unit is protected against current overload and over temperature protection with a fully automatic reset . The software optimises the battery charging cycle and is configured to suit most types of lead acid including Gel, AGM but can easily be reprogrammed to fit a particular type of battery or customer specification using the Ablemail Software Interface (ASI).  The optional Interface Card adds remote output voltage monitoring for when the secondary battery is a long way from the charger & Battery Temperature monitoring for operating in extremely hot or cold conditions.  If the unit is operated with an Ablemail Smart Relay it can charge Lithium batteries.


Output Load Current
Input Voltage
12V nominal (10-15V)
No Load Input Current
2mA @ 12v input
E11 and Ce approved
Automatic overload and over temperature protection with fully automatic reset
Output Voltage