SVSR24-200 Smart Relay

The Smart Voltage Sensing Relay is a programmeable 200A continuous rating 1500A intermittent load switching unit which can be operated for Battery Guard, Load Disconnect, Lithium Charging & many other high current switching applications. The  relay is latching 24V version. The unit draws less than 2mA in standby mode and as the relays are latching there is negligible battery drain whether the relay is open or closed. This is very important for maximising the standby time of the vehicle battery.  The relay has additional inputs which can be configured to allow external control of the relay switching on & off, there is a status led & the option of remote indication (cab display) is included. The unit is supplied with standard settings but the Ablemail Software Interface (ASI) allows adjustment of  connect voltage thresholds, timed relay on delays, voltage thresholds thresholds for load disconnect & timed relay off delays & specific customer requiremements.  The serial interface as well as adjusting the settings can be used for controlling or being controlled by other Ablemail Electronics  products which have a serial interface. This is useful in sophisticated Power Management Systems where multiple systems have to interact in real time. It is also suitable for interfacing to Lithium Battery Management & Charging Systems. A Range Extender Interface can be used to convert the unit into a temperature controlled relay & to replace the standard serial interface with an RS485 interface for use in electrically noisy environments or where parts are separated by more than 2-3m. The latest Euro 5 & Euro 6 engines have smart alternator & regenerative braking functions which the SVSR24V** can monitor & take account of when operating the relay according to the system operation.   

Input Voltage: 

24V nominal (20-32V)

No Load Input Current: 

4mA @ 24V input


E11 and CE approval pending

Output Voltage: 




General Product Information: