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Part Number: AMC12-12-15

This AMC12 charger works on vehicles with a 12V electrical system to charge nominal 12V battery packs. The AMC charger works with Ignition control, Constant Voltage Alternators, Euro 5 & 6 engines, STOP/START, Smart Alternator charging systems & Vehicles with Regenerative Braking, ( Mercedes Benz Blue Efficiency Vehicles, VW Blue Motion Vehicles, Ford ECOnetic vehicles, Vauxhall ecoFlex vehicles to name a few). The unit delivers 15A charging currents to charge upto to 150Ahr battery packs .

The unit operates with from 9-30V and so works with long cable runs and large swings in input voltages .The unit is protected against current overload and over temperature protection with a fully automatic reset . The software optimises the battery charging cycle and is configured to suit most types of lead acid including Gel, AGM and can easily be reprogrammed to fit a particular type of battery or customer specification using the Ablemail Software Interface (ASI). The optional Interface Card adds remote output voltage monitoring for when the secondary battery is a long way from the charger & Battery Temperature monitoring for operating in extremely hot or cold conditions. Units can be shipped with a Lithium Battery profile or any profile specified by the customer .

The unit is assembled in an aluminium extruded case which can be filled with resin for operation in particularly harsh environments. It can be supplied with a variety of connection options see the Ablemail Mechanical Options. This product is part of a large range & if this product specifcation does not meet your requirement please contact our technical department to see if we can meet your exact needs.

Output Load Current


Input Voltage

12V nominal (10-15V)

No Load Input Current

2mA @12V Input


E11 and CE Approval Pending


Automatic overload and over temperature protection with fully automatic reset

Output Voltage