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Introducing the AMC12-12-30 12 Volt Battery to Battery Charger (b2b Charger)

Part Number: AMC12-12-30

Unveiling the AMC12-12-30 – A Versatile 12v b2b Charger

Discover the AMC12-12-30 battery to battery charger, also known as a b2b charger, designed for vehicles equipped with a 12V electrical system. This powerhouse is engineered to charge nominal 12V battery packs efficiently. Employing cutting-edge technology, this 12 volt battery to battery charger harmonises with various features including Ignition control, Constant Voltage Alternators, Euro 5 & 6 engines, STOP/START, Smart Alternator charging systems, and vehicles providing Regenerative Braking capabilities (such as Mercedes Benz Blue Efficiency Vehicles, VW Blue Motion Vehicles, Ford ECOnetic vehicles, Vauxhall ecoFlex vehicles, among others). With a charging capacity of 30A, this b2b charger can charge battery packs of up to 300Ahr, ensuring robust performance.

Versatile Compatibility and Solid Performance

Operating within a voltage range of 9-30V, this 12 volt B2B charger accommodates extended cable runs and copes with significant fluctuations in input voltages. Providing protective measures against current overload and overheating, this b2b charger features an automatic reset for added safety and convenience. The built-in software optimises the battery charging cycle, adaptable to various lead acid battery types such as Gel and AGM. Moreover, it offers reprogramming flexibility to align with specific battery types or custom requirements via the Ablemail Device Manager App for IOS and Google Play using the ABB-007 addon .

Enhanced Functionality and Customisability

For extended monitoring capabilities, an optional Interface Card is available, providing remote output voltage monitoring for secondary batteries positioned at a distance from the charger. Additionally, included is Battery Temperature monitoring, ideal for extreme operating conditions, be it scorching heat or freezing cold. This can also be programmed to charge Lithium batteries, expanding its compatibility.

Rugged Construction for Diverse Environments

Housed in an aluminium extruded case, this charger can be filled with resin, rendering it suitable for operation in harsh environments. Offering multiple connection options, it can be tailored to specific needs in line with the Ablemail Mechanical Options.

Tailored Solutions and Technical Support

As part of an extensive product range, if the specifications of the AMC12-12-30 12 volt b2b charger do not precisely align with your requirements, our technical department is available to explore and address your specific needs. Feel free to contact us for tailored solutions.

Experience the AMC12-12-30 B2B charger – your solution for reliable, adaptable, and high-performance 12 volt b2b battery charging in diverse automotive settings.

Output Load Current


Input Voltage

12V nominal (10-15V)

No Load Input Current

2mA @12V Input


E11 and Ce approved


Automatic overload and over temperature protection with fully automatic reset

Output Voltage