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Part Number: AMR24-24-15

This unit is a software controlled switching type voltage converter intended for use on vehicles with a 12V electrical system to power 12V accessories. The unit can support 30A continuous output loads. The unit has current output overload protection and over temperature protection . Both protection modes reset automatically. If a greater current is required units can be run in parallel or a bigger unit selected from the range The high speed switching converter provides a low noise output (<50mV) which is very closely regulated against variation of input voltage and changes in output load current This makes the unit suitable for supplying even the most sensitive loads . As the unit contains an up-converter it is ideal for supplying loads over long cable lengths with no reduction in output voltage as in caravans and heavy goods vehicles .

The 12V input and 12V outputs share a common negative The output can be be configured to turn on when a vehicle engine is running (engine run detection) or on a voltage signal (Ignition Control) .

An interface can be added to allow remote enable/disable of the output voltage and real time adjustment of the output voltage. The interface has outputs to allows information to be passed to an external power management system .An led indicates when the converter is running and provides fault indication and the Interface card allows remote indication (cab display) to be added or signals to be passed to the other electronic systems . A serial interface is fitted as standard and this in conjunction with the Ablemail Software Interface allows a customer to make configuration changes. The serial interface and powerful in built micro-controller and software allow the converter to work as the system power management controller . The serial interface also allows external electronics to control the converter . The unit is assembled in an aluminium extruded case, this allows reliable operation in harsh vehicle environments and areas of high ambient temperatures. It can be supplied with a variety of connection options see the Ablemail Hardware Options This product is part of a large range and if this product does not meet your requirement, please contact our technical department to see if we can meet your exact needs.

Output Load Current

12 A

Input Voltage

24V nominal (20-32V)

No Load Input Current

4mA @ 24V input


E11 and CE Approval Pending


Automatic overload and over temperature protection with fully automatic reset

Output Voltage