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AMT12-2 Trickle Charger charges Vehicle Battery from Leisure Battery with Solar Charger /Mains Hookup

Part Number: AMT12-2

The AMT12-2 has many names Trickle Charger, Battery Maintainer, Battery Saver, Reverse Charger, Top Up Charger, Battery Equaliser, but its purpose is to keep a Source / Vehicle Battery charged & protected from damage during prolonged periods of Vehicle, Boat & Motorhome inactivity or storage. The charger feeds a low current into the Source Battery to compensate for self discharge, alarm & tracker loads while ensuring the charge of the Auxiliary / Leisure Battery is maintained.

In the ideal scenario a Solar Charger or Mains Charger is attached to an Auxiliary / Leisure Battery to protect it from damage during a period of inactivity . The Trickle Charger draws a small current off to maintain the Vehicle / Source Battery.

The Trickle Charger also feeds charge from the Auxiliary Battery to the Vehicle Battery until they reach 11.5V and 11.7V respectively ensuring that both Batteries are kept as healthy as possible even if no Solar Charger or Main Charger is present. For Lithium batteries the voltage thresholds for this function are set at 1V so 11.5V and 12.5V are the minimum operating voltages .

The unit has 8 User selected programmes and so is suitable for use with any Auxiliary Battery Charging System including a simple Voltage Sensing Relay and a Battery to Battery Charger. A ABB-007 bluetooth module allows the unit to be configured to specific user settings to cater for different battery types and specific user requirements . All that is required is to download the app from the Apple store or google play and make the desired settings changes

It does not matter the Make or Type of Charger the AMT12-2 will Charge the Vehicle Battery from the Leisure Battery . The clever software means it is compatible with conventional Alternator Vehicles, the latest Stop / Start & Euro 5/6 & Regenerative Braking Technologies.

The unit has a low current draw of less than 2mA on a 12V system & so presents a very small discharge load to the Vehicle & Leisure Battery. At 1Ahr drain every 20 days the unit has negligible effect on the Battery Capacity and should easily cover the winter storage period.

When a charging source either a Mains Charger or a Solar Charger is connected to the Auxiliary / Leisure Battery the AMT12-2 Trickle Charger allows a maximum of 4A (Usually considerably less) to flow from the Leisure Battery to the Vehicle Battery thus ensuring the Leisure Battery is Charged first and the Vehicle Battery second.

The AMT12-2 works with all types of Lead Acid Batteries & Lithium Batteries, The Status Led gives feedback on the Trickle Charger Operation , State of Charge of the Vehicle Battery and Auxiliary Battery Conditions.

There is Ignition Override Switch Enable to allow the user to externally control the charging if for some reason they wish to override the automatic settings.

The AMT12-2 Trickle Charger works on 12V & 24V Battery Systems, Automatically detecting whether it is connected to a 24V or 12V system.

The compact potted plastic enclosure mean it is easily fitted next to the Auxiliary Battery Charger and connected by 3 Faston connections. The Inbuilt Fuse Protection means the Installation is extremely quick and easy.

This product has been Developed by Ablemail Electronics as part of a Range and if this product does not meet your requirements please contact our Technical Department to see if we can meet your exact needs.

Output Load Current


Input Voltage

12V nominal (10-15V)


Type approved to 72/245/EEC as last amended by 95/54/EC


Automatic overload and over temperature protection with fully automatic reset

Output Voltage