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ABB-07 Bluetooth Vehicle and Secondary Battery Status Monitor

Part Number: ABB-07

Battery status monitor which allows monitoring of your secondary battery. 

This unit is an bluetooth interface to allow communication between an Ablemail AMC charger & a smart phone with BATTERY MANAGER .

There are 2 versions of the app a ” Viewing” version and a “Updating” version. The viewing version allows you to see the key parameters of your charging system in a easily understood format as the screenshot below.

The ABB-07 is available as a ABB-12 which has a wider input voltage range & is used with AMC12-12-15 All our products come fitted with a serial, interface. The ABB-07 will monitor your batteries & transmit the data directly to your mobile phone or tablet allows the product to be monitored, controlled & configured .Easy to install & current drain of  11-25mA spending on the configuration No wiring, BATTMANis available on the Google Play (requires Android V4.3) or later & Apple App Store.

The unit is assembled in an encapsulated plastic case which allows reliable operation in harsh vehicle environments and areas of high ambient temperatures.It is supplied with a variety of connection options shows your service battery voltage, current flowing in, state of charge. It will also show the starter battery voltage.You are now able to check the charge status of your battery quickly and easily. Only in a steady, positive battery state of charge, the full capacity and usability of your battery is assured.

The positive battery charge condition also prevents possible early damage or a failure of the battery.This product has been developed by Ablemail as part of a range & if this product does not meet your requirement,Please contact our technical department to see if we can meet your exact needs….. 0161 745 7697.

  • Gives you real time read outs of your battery status
  • Check your battery status anywhere from your phone
  • Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Built it push notifications act as low voltage warnings
  • Works on android or iOS

Output Load Current


Input Voltage



Type approved to 72/245/EEC as last amended by 95/54/EC


Automatic overload and over temperature protection with fully automatic reset

Output Voltage